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Working Out During Hot Weather

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It’s not always that the weather is favorable for working out and working out during summer time can be dangerous. Working out during hot weather can cause dizziness, nausea, dehydration, sun stroke and the like. Before going for a workout under the sun, you should first take necessary precautions.

Wear loose clothes for air to enter the body and cool it down. It lets sweat evaporate faster and do not wear dark colored clothes as it absorbs hit from the sun. Tight clothes can cause difficulty in breathing that can lead to dizziness and even heat stroke due to heat being accumulated in the body.

Of course, drink lots of water. How fast your body is able to cool down and the ability for it to sweat depends on how hydrated your body is. Even if you are not that thirsty, you still need to drink water. If you plan to exercise longer than usual, it is better to drink sports drinks. This will help replace chloride, potassium and sodium that is lost due to sweating.

If you are used to working out during cool weather then take it easy. Let your body get used to the hot temperature and increase the intensity of your workout as your progress. If you are under any medication, you should first ask your doctor’s advice regarding working out during hot weather.

Working out in the morning or evening is much favorable than in the middle of the day. The heat during the mid-day is much stronger which usually leads to heat stroke and working out during that time will lead the body to heat up faster.