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Wii Active – The New Generation of Technology For Health Fitness

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Would you like to save money and throw away the health club membership that you rarely have time for? Well gone are the days where you have to get in your car and drive to the gym to get a good physical workout. A new trend in technology for health fitness is sweeping the country since Nintendo released their Wii product. Using the motion detection devices for controllers and wii fit balance board, Nintendo took exercising at home to a new demension and level. It did not take long for the gaming and entertainment software development companies to take notice. One of them decided to take Nintendo head on and released in May 200 Wii Active.

That company Entertainment Arts, Inc. used some of the best know personal fitness trainers in the world and put together more than 20+ work out plans and this November is planning to release some additional work out routines.

In addition to saving money by not paying the gym monthly dues, you have to consider the benefits of not having to pay for exercise equipment. EA Sports Wii Active is a great low cost solution to save a little money and enjoying the pleasure of working out in the comfort of you own home. What makes this the greatest health fitness technology breakthrough to date? First and by far not the least important in today’s current economy is the price of $60. This price is 1/3 less than it’s competitor Nintendo Wii Fit. Secondly, it comes with the accessories to help you with your workouts and exercise plans. Thirdly, you may choose a variety of games and activities to eliminate the boredom and monotonous repetition of your work out. At last but not least, you can customize each of your work out routines and have your own personal trainer to keep you motivate and determined to meet your fitness goals.