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Watch Yankees fans go wild after little girl flips water

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A little girl at Sunday’s New York Yankees-Houston Astros game managed to upstage the ballplayers with her own brand of skill.

During the game’s ninth inning, the girl, wearing pink shorts and a white print shirt, kept fans in section 202 of Yankee Stadium riveted as she tried — and eventually succeeded — to toss a water bottle in the air and land it right-side up on a bleacher.

The girl’s cute antics were caught on camera by Twitter user @Saquon_Gleyber, who posted the now-viral footage of the moment.

“Everyone was watching her. They were all saying ‘oohhhhh’ every time the bottle fell over and that’s why (it) got my attention to turn around and see what was happening,” the fan told TODAY.

“She was flipping the bottle for around five minutes. She continued after the clip I got but the game started to get intense and everyone including her shifted their focus back on the game,” he added.

In the video, the little girl can be seen focusing on her bottle game as fans around her watch captivated. She flips the bottle once, then twice, and both times it lands on its side, prompting spectators to groan in frustrated “ohhhs.”

But then, she gives the bottle one more lucky toss — and it lands standing right-side up.

Fans all around her break into a hearty cheer, with many pumping fists into the air.

The girl joins in the celebration by thrusting the water bottle above her head in triumph.

The Twitter user captioned his tweet, “This girl had the whole section rooting for her bottle flip.”

In a follow-up tweet, he added that the girl’s bottle flip took place during a pretty key moment in the game while the Yankees and the Astros were tied in the ninth inning.

Other Twitter users got a kick out of the sweet video, with one remarking, “I’m smiling the rest of the day.”

Meanwhile, another user imagined how special the girl must have felt when the crowd celebrated her win.

“I’m of the thinking that everyone, at some point in their life, needs this level of cheering from the crowd,” the user wrote.