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United Wholesale Mortgage’s program Boost helps independent

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Intuitive technologies developed and built by experts in both mortgages and technology can drive efficiency, reliability and profitability when paired with exceptional customer service. To further catapult wholesale channel growth, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) remains committed to developing proprietary technology and amplifying state-of-the-art training programs for mortgage brokers across the country.

“At UWM, we’re always looking for ways our brokers can grow their business,” said Justin Glass, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at UWM. “This type of cutting-edge technology is driven by the needs of the broker community, and we’re always gathering and implementing feedback so we can provide tools that will help our clients continue to grow their business.”

UWM recently launched an exclusive new marketplace called Boost. This program provides independent mortgage brokers in the UWM network with streamlined access to services that allow them to grow and manage their businesses more effectively. Specifically, it’s designed to help brokers easily connect with borrowers and real estate agents using a level of speed and support that’s completely new to the industry.

“With Boost, we’re providing our clients with a powerful one-stop shop for some of the most valuable tools and resources in the industry,” said Lauren Miller, Vice President of Marketing at UWM. “This exclusive marketplace will save our clients time and money, while also helping them establish and maintain relationships for the long term, and we’ll continue to curate and add new services based on their evolving needs.”

Through this new marketplace, brokers will be able to hire a team of associates to call past and prospective clients on their behalf, then live-transfer them directly back to the broker. In addition, they can hire a dedicated team who will help identify potential real-estate agent partnerships and schedule one-on-one introductory meetings. Brokers will also have the opportunity to purchase leads tailored to fit their unique business needs.

“Providing our clients with the tools they need to grow in every market and get better is a top priority for UWM,” said Bryan Miller, Vice President of National Sales. “We keep our ears to the ground and are always ready to pivot, find a solution and develop technologies our clients need to have a competitive edge.”

On top of offering resources like Boost, UWM has also put an emphasis on keeping clients up to speed on industry knowledge, technology and tools, as well as supporting business professional and personal development. It recently expanded its Success Track curriculum by adding a variety of new courses, including more specialized training for loan officers, processors and broker owners plus virtual electives each week that focus on specific and timely topics. Whether they’re new to the industry, an industry vet or have been to Success Track before, UWM’s clients continuously improve through these courses and are set up for sustained success.

UWM firmly believes the time to dominate as an independent mortgage broker is now. With its unwavering dedication to the wholesale channel, the company will continue to find new and innovative ways to support and advocate for mortgage brokers across the country.


Bryan Miller, Vice President of National Sales

Bryan is a key support system to UWM’s highest producing clients and is focused on helping them grow their business and create strong relationships.


Justin Glass, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer

Justin has a unique ability to marry his innate knowledge of the mortgage business with today’s technology and is always innovating systems to operate more effectively, creating a broker experience that is unparalleled in the industry.


Lauren Miller, Vice President, Marketing

Lauren leads marketing and brand strategy related to UWM product launches, partnerships, business development and wholesale channel growth initiatives further ensuring smooth, efficient and flawless execution.