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The Xbox App Now Has A Performance Indicator For Game

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There’s no longer a need to wonder about whether or not a game will run well on your PC, because the Xbox app just got a performance indicator in its latest update.

The June update for the Xbox app was released for users on June 16, and alongside the performance indicator, there are other new features. In particular Microsoft is trying to make it easier to discover new games to play. We’ve probably all been there. You finish a game that you spent the last two weeks playing, only to be stuck feeling confused and indecisive. You aren’t sure what to play next.

The Xbox app is now equipped to combat that a little bit. With this latest update, navigation has been moved to the sidebar so you can easily scroll through everything. There’s also now a queue system for game installations in the bottom left corner. So if you’re installing multiple games you can see what’s currently downloading and what coms up next.

The Xbox app performance indicator feature tells you how well your PC plays games

Click on a game in the Xbox app, and it will now tell you how well your PC will handle it in terms of performance. The idea here is to alert users to how well their PC can play games before they install them. This way they know what to expect before installation.

If a game states your PC won’t play it as well, you can move to adjusting graphics settings before doing anything else. This could also help you start the game with a more fine tuned performance. Plus see if any more settings need to be tweaked after the initial adjustment.

Microsoft says the performance indicator tracks performance of games on PCs that are similar to yours. So it’s using rigs with a comparable setup to measure how well things will run on your own personal machine.

All of that said, not all games will have the performance indicator information. Microsoft says that especially newer games may not have this information until they can gather more data on performance. Over time though, those games should fill out.