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The Grooms Embraced Rainbows, Drag, and ‘The Wizard of Oz’

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PJ Magerko-Liquorice and Jordan Millington-Liquorice met at a photoshoot in April of 2018. Jordan, who was photographing the “creative and spooky project” directed by PJ, caught a glimpse of his future husband getting ready. “When PJ turned around in his makeup chair in full drag makeup, it was love at first sight!” Jordan says. PJ agrees. “When we locked eyes, even behind all of the makeup, I could feel my soul open up and trust him,” PJ says. “I saw a future with Jordan immediately.”

Jordan proposed during Valentine’s Day weekend in 2021 after asking PJ’s mom, Maggie Hardy-Knox, for his hand in marriage. Neither Maggie nor Jordan were keen on secrets, but Jordan managed to wait two weeks. “I planned a special private dinner in a cozy house nestled on a stream,” Jordan says. “We stepped into the house and I couldn’t wait any longer and popped the question right then and there!”

Immediately, they knew where they were going to get married: at Nemacolin resort, where PJ is the VP of Brand Strategy. (He moonlights as a film director, writer, actor and part-time drag queen.) PJ and Jordan have lived at Nemacolin since 2019, and PJ grew up there as his mom, Maggie, is the owner. They selected their favorite spot on the property for the ceremony: “The most beautiful tree in the middle of Shepherd’s Rock golf course,” PJ says. From there, it was time to start planning the extravaganza.

Perhaps in order to understand the vibe of PJ and Jordan’s wedding, it’s helpful to know the meaning behind their chosen last name: Liquorice. After considering the options around keeping or mixing their last names, they decided to choose a word that “represents unity.” They chose Liquorice because “we’re both sweet and a little twisted!” Approaching their wedding weekend as two whimsical creatives, they worked closely with wedding planner and producer Emily Campbell at GoBella with her team, Amanda Allen and Kelsi Minett, art director Ed Libby, and the wedding operations team at Nemacolin. The theme? “‘The Soundtrack To Our Lives,’” PJ says. “That sums up our love for the audible and the visual.” They started by creating playlists for each event: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and so on. The fact that their wedding date, June 4, fell during Pride Month was a happy coincidence.