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The best G Fuel flavors, ranked

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G Fuel is available in many flavors that appeal to all sorts of different people. The great thing about G Fuel is that you can find a flavor that works best for you since the ranges are so varied. Thus, if you have tried a flavor of G Fuel that you found to your distaste, you can always try another one.

The powder is always recommended over cans since you can determine when there is too much flavoring. Unfortunately, knowing where to begin isn’t easy, and you don’t want to waste your money on something you may not like. Tubs are more expensive than Monster or Rockstar, and the cans look less appealing. 

We have compiled a list of the best G Fuel flavors if you’re having trouble finding the right flavor.

10) Strawberry Shortcake

Image via GFuel

Strawberry Shortcake is a delicious dessert that becomes even more delicious when it is ice cream. While most of G Fuel’s products have flavorings derived from fruits and berry mixes, Strawberry Shortcake is more of a dessert. There’s no fruitiness to this flavor, and you can’t even taste the strawberry in Strawberry Shortcake.

In reality, it’s more focused on the cake aspect since you taste the delicious bread more than you taste strawberry. There is some whipped cream in there, which you would taste if you concentrated on the flavor. FaZe Apex inspired this flavor, and what a lucky guy to have this flavor associated with him.

Drinking this with cold water is usually recommended. When you use milk, it tastes like a strawberry shortcake shake, which differentiates it from being just an energy drink to being an energy drink that you probably shouldn’t do cardio while drinking.

9) Blue Ice

Image via GFuel

G Fuel’s Blue Ice flavor was one of its first offerings, and it remains popular. If you want to experience the taste, try a blue Gatorade or Powerade since those are like light versions of it. The flavor is pleasant without being overly fruity or sweet, as many other products are.

It has been said that the flavor of a drink has nothing to do with its hydration, but we disagree. Cold Blue Ice feels more hydrating than any other flavor on this list. It goes down smooth, and the blue flavor reminds you of being a kid during field day and taking a short break before tackling the next course.

Blue Ice is an energy drink that gives you a boost of energy. This product does not have an ultra-sweet or super-fruity taste that will stick in your mouth as you grind or exercise. It tastes good and gets the job done right.

8) PewDiePie (Lingonberry)

Image via GFuel

PewDiePie’s G Fuel is incredibly original, as not many beverage companies go out of their way to create a lingonberry drink. The lingonberry is a Swedish berry used in cooking, and PewDiePie’s identity has a lot to do with where he grew up, in Sweden.

PewDiePie markets this brand more than G Fuel and mentions it frequently in his videos. At this point, the drink feels more associated with PewDiePie than G Fuel. Lingonberry tastes similar to cranberry but is noticeably sweeter. Cranberry is bitter to many, but lingonberry is easier to drink and tastes pretty good for a cranberry-type drink.

Lingonberry by PewDiePie is the premium choice if you want an energy drink that tastes like it’s from Europe. It has a distinctive flavor you won’t find elsewhere and feels healthier than other brands.

7) FaZeberry

Image via GFuel

We think people would buy FaZeberry for its name, even if it tasted bad, but luckily, it’s really good. FaZeberry was made to be as unique and over the top as FaZe Clan, with 19 different fruits. It’s worth trying at least once to see how it tastes when you mix a bunch of fruit.

It tastes more like strawberry than any other entry on this list, so we’d assume that’s what they’re using as their main flavor. The strawberry flavoring gives the drink a light red, making it pretty appealing.

FaZeberry is a great choice if you like berries because, even with the focus on strawberry, you also get pomegranate and acai fruit flavors. Drinking this one will make you feel like you’re doing your body a favor, as it is the healthiest option on the list.

6) Clickbait

Image via GFuel

Clickbait is cherry pomegranate juice, which is delicious no matter its form. We recommend this G Fuel drink to use while working out because it complements a dry mouth so well. When you try it, you will realize how refreshing it is to drink while exercising.

One of the best things about this drink is that it’s pretty filling, so if you’re trying to finish a set or win a match before getting up, Clickbait will do the trick. We do not recommend drinking energy drinks to stave off hunger, just that they are filling drinks.

It’s a fruit drink, so if you’re looking for something sour or overly sweet, this is not the drink for you. This drink does feel healthy, however.

5) Hype Sauce

Image via GFuel

Hypesauce is well-known outside G Fuel, so it’s a good name. Hypersauce is basically raspberry lemonade, a flavor that is only rivaled by strawberry lemonade in popularity. It captures it perfectly, and G Fuel is a great choice if you just want a drink that tastes good but won’t overwhelm your taste buds.

While Hypesauce is the perfect name for any drink, there isn’t much hype around it. Many people would rather go for sweet, sour, or berry flavors, but they’re all overlooking a solid option. Those who don’t like overpowering flavors and just want something refreshing can choose this drink.

In case you didn’t enjoy the raspberry flavor of Hypesauce, G Fuel has pink lemonade flavors and regular lemonade flavors.

4) Tropical Rain

Image via GFuel

Tropical Rain is worth trying if you haven’t already because it’s got its unique taste. Tropical Rain blends citrus with blueberry, kiwi, and raspberry, which sounds like an overload, but they all work together to create a unique taste. Instead of overpowering your taste buds, it will make you feel like you’re trying one flavor at a time. Some say it tastes like fruit punch, but not everyone shares that opinion.

The drink is delicious and refreshing. While many energy drinks feel heavy going down your throat, Tropical Rain doesn’t feel like you’re drinking a thick shake. Tropical Rain is thinner, so you feel like you’re drinking (heavily) flavored water when you drink it.

If you haven’t tried Tropical Rain yet, you will like it. There aren’t many flavors like this, but this is one of the best ones that G Fuel offers.

3) Mango Explosion

Image via GFuel

This one is a mango drink for mango lovers. Few drinks go to the trouble of having a mango flavor without mixing it with something else. G Fuel deserves our applause for doing so. With this energy drink, you get that mango flavor you’ve been looking for.

It’s not all that much mango at once, despite the title. Yes, you will taste mango, but you will also think, “that’s it,” and that’s a good thing. This drink uses just the right amount of mango to make it tasty without being too sweet, and it’s a good choice for energy while still being delicious.

2) Bahama Mama

Image via GFuel

It tastes like you’re on a tropical vacation in Hawaii when you drink Bahamas Mama. Bahama Mama is a strong drink that tastes just like a real Bahama Mama. There’s coconut and pineapple, along with a hint of tangy orange. It is thicker than the other entries on this list, but you won’t notice it very much unless you try to.

This is not one of G Fuel’s sweeter drinks, and it is better if you’re tired of all the sweet and fruity drinks. We recommend this flavor if you’ve had a long day and are only halfway done. At that point, this drink is at its best, and you can let the worries of your day go.

Although many people enjoy this drink while working out, it’s not as good for it as those further down the list.

1) Party Punch (Fruity Cereal)

Image via GFuel

This entry evokes childhood memories of drinking the milk in your fruity cereal. You’re going to get a lot of sweetness, so prepare yourself. It’s like biting into a cake, so this might turn some people away, but it’s a flavor you must try if you haven’t tried it before.

You can substitute some milk for water if you want this cereal to taste like fruity pebbles. We know it’s pretty powerful, but it does an excellent job of reminding you how sugary some cereals used to be. G Fuel Party Punch is the best for having a sugary treat without any additional sugar.