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Sweet girl with Down Syndrome makes own lunch, says she’s

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To see one’s child grow up and start being able to do everything that they require to be a functioning adult, is every parent’s dream. Just like in this one Instagram video where a girl with Down Syndrome can be seen in the kitchen preparing her own lunch. This makes her mother very happy and will likely bring a smile to your face as well. The funniest and sweetest part of the video is when the girl says that she is ‘almost a mom’ because she can now prepare her own lunch.

“This is one of my favourite videos ever from about 4 years ago! I walked into the kitchen and Jayne was making her own lunch—a sandwich, carrots, some chips, and was cutting strawberries! This girl has always been SO independent! And when she wants to do something or wants me to know she has already done something, she would say “I’m almost a mom!” because that means she can do whatever she wants right?” reads the caption to this video.

The sweet little girl’s mother adds a heartfelt note to the caption which reads, “Gosh I love this girl — her sweetness, how independent she is and that sass when she reluctantly says ‘Love you too’ at the end of the video! She makes me laugh and smile everyday!” And there is a good chance that her focus on preparing her food will make your day as well.

Watch the video right here:

The video has accumulated over 2.5 lakh likes ever since it has been posted on Instagram on May 13. It has also prompted several Instagram users to post heartfelt and sweet comments under it.

“She’s so adorable. She’s gonna make a great mom if she wants to be when she gets older. I always get butterflies in my tummy when my kids are doing things and being independent,” admitted an individual. “This made me smile ear to ear! Beautiful,” posted another. “She is awesome! She has such a sweet demeanour! A beauty inside & out!” complimented a third.

Do you think that this little girl is ‘almost a mom’ as well?

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