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Stray: All Locations for Energy Drinks

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Want to learn all Energy Drink locations in Stray and get valuable items from Azooz? Playing as a ginger cat and exploring the world of cyber slums, you have to find many different items needed to progress through the game story. Energy Drinks are one of those items, and you’ll have to find them to trade them for a music sheet and a mysterious ancestor relic with NPC Azooz. You can find all Energy Drink in vending machines located throughout the game map. But there are many vending machines, and not all have what you need. Checking every machine is not the best idea, so in our guide, you will learn about all Energy Drink locations in Stray.

All Energy Drink Locations in Stray

To trade with NPC Azooz and get valuable items from him, you only need four Energy Drinks. And that’s how many vending machines can give you this item. Three of them are quite easy to find, but the search for the fourth can take some time. Approaching the machine, you must interact with it and wait a bit. After a few seconds, the Energy Drink will shoot from the hole at the bottom of the machine, and you can pick it up. But before you can do all that, you should know about all Energy Drink locations in Stray.


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Energy Drink Locations

  • The first vending machine with Energy Drink is located opposite the musician Morusque. Also, you first met the Guardian in a red robe near this place.
  • Go to the bucket lift leading to Momo’s apartment. Next, go along the plank to the roof with a mattress and empty bottles. Look around to see the roof on which there is a sofa and a TV. One floor below is the vending machine you need.
  • Go to the laundry, and turn right in the field. You will see the sign RIP Humans on the wall, to the left of which there is an Energy Drink vending machine.
  • To find the fourth energy drink, head to Granny. After that, turn right to the stairs, turn right again and go up the stairs. Walk past the TV and jump from above to the canopy. Here you will find the fourth vending machine.

After trading four Energy drinks, go to Azooz to trade the drink for valuable items.

Stray is available on PC and PS.