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SM Entertainment launches STUDIO KWANGYA to dive deeper into

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From a group with “unlimited” members to AI characters as part of the group and the metaverse formation of KWANGYA, SM Entertainment has brought innovative concepts to the K-pop industry.

It has now aimed to expand its metaverse by establishing a studio focusing solely on all of this while further cementing its status in metaverse production.

On July 12, the agency announced the official launch of STUDIO KWANGYA, a metaverse production technology company. It includes numerous departments such as VFX production, Virtual Human, Virtual Studio, VR Production, etc.

Since the agency dived deeper into the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), it has ensured each SM artists’ inclusion in it. The newly established studio would give the agency more control over its VR and SMCU plans.

KWANGYA becomes real as SM Entertainment launches a multi-purpose VR studio named after it

The K-pop industry is increasingly jumping on the bandwagon of providing not just music, but a larger story woven carefully through their releases. SM Entertainment is one of the many who kickstarted it and subsequently, in its way, created an entire metaverse of all of its artists.

In the latest news, the agency officially launched STUDIO KWANGYA on July 12. It is a studio established primarily for content regarding the SMCU.

Moreover, the agency also partnered with Amaze VR, a virtual concert platform. Together, they revealed a joint venture named Studio A, which is expected to serve as the beginning of the Kwangya universe.

As per Korea Joongang Daily, Amaze VR’s co-CEO Seung-joon, shared,

“The establishment of Studio A will create large-scale VR concerts for global artists that the audience has never experienced before.”

It also aims to begin immersive and engaging VR global concerts. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s Lee Sung-soo and Tak Young-joon gave more information on the studio’s establishment and what it stands for.

“SMCU is a concept that crosses virtual and real worlds and encompasses the unique stories and worldviews of each artist. And the universe contains the identities of each artist and the place that transcends them. It also represents a new world where they coexist without boundaries. Studio Kwangya was established to professionally create differentiated metaverse contents based on Culture Technology.”

The studio will also be SM Entertainment’s home to their mixed content project, CAWMAN. CAWMAN is a concept that the agency trademarked last year. It’s an abbreviation for Cartoon, Animation, Webtoon, Motion Graphic, Avatar, and Novels.

In an interview, Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment, shared his aim of making South Korea a leader in the metaverse world. The company is often called a trendsetter, as it brings forth never-seen-before concepts in the K-pop industry.

It will be interesting to see how Lee Soo-man takes STUDIO KWANGYA to global heights, and the range of VR projects the studio has up its sleeve.