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swcret goverment discover

If you had a pen that was high-tech, yet baby-easy to use – that in twenty (20) minutes of training could help you read-and-remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time it takes others to finish one (1) – would you need to know more?

Back in 1942 – (World War 2) – the U. S. Air Force was having trouble teaching their pilots to quickly identify enemy planes. They created a training-tool called a ‘tach-is-to-scope’ (Greek: meaning swift) – that flashed visual-images on-a-screen – to improve the speed-of-viewing, together with extending long-term memory.

Did it really work?

The U.S. Air Force experts tested the tachistoscope on their crews and concluded it improved ‘sightings’ 85%. It was declared mandatory-training for all pilots, co-pilots and navigators – and hidden-away as Top-Secret for the duration of the war.


After the U.S. and their allies won the war – educators in New York adapted the government’s tachistoscope for training students to read faster. It worked great – students read faster, understood more, and remembered text much longer.

But there was a serious problem using this speed reading tachistoscope – it was way- too-big – and once the reader did not have their tool – they reverted back to ‘snailing’ – slowly reading one-word-at-a-time. But all the PhDs agreed this ‘speed reading’ thing – was a valuable contribution to reading – once they figured it out.

Evelyn Wood

A Utah school teacher decided to forget about this expensive and cumbersome tachistoscope – yet keep the benefits of speed reading. She substituted the fingers-of the-hand to pace the students’ eyes – and found her method could help students ace their studies and tests.

Starting in 1959 Evelyn Wood (my partner), graduated two-million, together with the White House staffs of four (4) U. S. Presidents – Kennedy – Johnson – Nixon – Carter.

What’s New?

In the year 2000 – (Evelyn passed-on in 1995), we finished ten-years of research on an advanced speed reading program for students and executives who required the competitive edge to live on the Fast Track.

The big-improvement was the RasterMaster,(TM) a handheld laser-pen (no ink), that offered all the benefits of the tachistoscope – but was easy-as-pie, had you speed learning in twenty-minutes, and best-of-all was portable.

After testing it on kids from 8th grade to high school, college, graduate-school, and executives and professionals – we began to offer it at colleges and universities in the U.S.

Speed Reading 100 helps students and executives quickly add 300% to their reading speed, and up to 40% to their knowledge-skills. It helps students ace their courses, exams and degrees.

Companies and organizations use it to improve the productivity of their top-guns up to 41% – a significant amount – and discovered graduates were more creative, and communicated better. These results often transferred to an improved corporate balance sheet. Money talks.

In subsequent company-research – executives also showed up to 28% improvement in long-term memory in speed learning trade-books, articles, reports and memos.

Directors of Human Resources in the U.S. and internationally added Speed Reading 100 to their training programs.


Is speed reading 100 for everybody?

Sure we recommend our twelve (12) hour live workshops for most students attending high-school, college and grad-schools (law, medical, business).
The people who take it have a stubborn-streak and a burning-desire to show the world exactly how brilliant they are.

Speed Reading 100 is not everything – it is only a valuable-skill that permits you to bring out your slumbering ‘natural’ gifts-and-talents in learning.

Picture Speed Reading 100 as a ‘boot-camp’ for folks who want to be ‘top-of-the-heap’, and have the ‘competitive-edge’. If you can imagine getting ‘A’s on your exams, and receiving important promotions and raises – you might consider our program.

Like all the major decisions in your life, self-improvement is a choice.

Is speed reading 100 a competition?

We all have a different pace for learning – some are geniuses and pick up everything in-a-second, others (like me), are late-bloomers, and need practice and prodding from an inspired instructor – to make new strategies jell in our mind.

The only competition is reaching your personal-best.

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron’s Educational, partner of Evelyn Wood, creator or speed reading, graduating 2 million, including the White House staff of four U.S. Presidents.