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R7, the Energy for Every Day Energy Drink, Launches 3 New

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PHILADELPHIA, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — R7 Energy Drink launches today throughout select U.S. retail locations as well as online and direct to consumers at Founded by a group of veterans, serial entrepreneurs, and experts within the professional athlete management space, R7 was developed to be a high-performing, clean energy beverage with a unique blend of key ingredients for professional athletes and everyday go-getters. Men and women can feel healthy and positive about ingesting the energy drink into their bodies¬†daily.

“Having represented and managed numerous pro-athletes for over a decade, our team knew it was vital to bring to the market a high-performing, clean energy beverage that high-performing individuals could drink daily without the fear of taking in harsh chemicals, dyes, and other potentially harmful ingredients during their peak and off seasons,” said the R7 executive team.

Comprised of unique key ingredients, R7 delivers its special formula through its combination of green coffee bean + L-theanine, adaptogens, L-carnitine, select B vitamins, and pure electrolytes, delivering a premium, high-efficiency product positioned to be marketed as a better-for-you option in the $30bn energy drink category.  

R7 is formulated in three robust flavors: Lightening Lemon Lime, Orbit Orange, and Midnight Rush (grape) and is sold in its sleek and slim 12-ounce cans crafted for portable and easy consumption. All three flavors are on sale now via

R7 is the healthy energy drink brand developed and created by veteran entrepreneurs and professional athlete management executives to deliver a more sustained, healthier energy for both pro-athletes and everyday high-achieving individuals.

The unique R7 formula is crafted differently and delivers not just energy for the moment but also sustainable, clean energy powered by L-theanine and adaptogens that improve cognitive function. Beyond the moment, the drink is also created to repair, replenish, and restore the body so that consumers are ready for their next exertion. Follow R7 online at

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