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Purity Ring Ceremonies

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purity ring ceremonies

A Purity ceremony is commonly known as the time when a purity ring is given and a vow of purity is taken. Most often when the vow of purity is made, God is, at least, acknowledged, if not included in the vow. Purity ceremonies are also known as and referred to as: a true love waits ceremony or an abstinence ceremony.

Personal Decision:

The most important aspect or part of a purity ceremony is the commitment and dedication of an individual to stay pure. The vow of purity needs to be a personal and individual decision. Those who take part in a purity ceremony need to be committed and dedicated to the vow they are taking. Teenagers should not participate in these ceremonies simply to please their parents. There is no point or reason for a teenager to participate in a purity ceremony if they are not planning on keeping their vow and staying pure until marriage.

Importance of Parents:

Parents play a vital role in purity ceremonies. Children need to have their parents present at these ceremonies. They need their parents support. The presentation of the purity ring (or item) by a parent, shows the parents support of their child’s decision. Parents should also make sure their child understands and is ready to make the vow of purity. Children need to know and understand the importance and weight of the vow they will be making.


Vows of purity are taken during a purity ceremony in a public or private place. These vows are most often made or taken in early teenage years; however, there are many people that make or take their vow of purity when they are older. There are also many people (often in college or in their twenties) that will retake or remake their vow of purity. It helps them to re-commit, remember and renew their desire that they had to stay pure when they were a young teenager.


There are many different types of purity ceremonies. Some are very formal and elaborate, while others are very simple. There are no requirements other than a decision and/or vow to stay pure until marriage.

Purity Balls

Purity Balls are a very elegant and elaborate purity ceremony. It is elaborate in that it is symbolic of a wedding. A purity ball is thrown for daughters and their fathers. The daughters come dressed in beautiful gowns and the fathers come dressed in tuxedos. It is an evening full of dancing, cake, prayer and most important, the presenting of purity rings or other purity items, such as a necklace or bracelet, by the fathers to their daughters. Fathers make a vow and promise to protect their daughters and guard their virginity. As the fathers are making these vows and promises, they present a purity ring (or other item) to their daughters. These daughters are then under their fathers guard and protection until they are married and replace their purity ring with a wedding ring. The daughters promise their fathers that they will stay pure.

Purity Ceremonies

There are many different purity programs at local churches in which teenagers can enroll. These programs consist of several Bible study and relationship classes, followed by a purity ceremony (kind of like a graduation). At these purity ceremonies, the students make their vows of virginity and purity publicly in front of a congregation. As they do this, they are presented with a purity item, most often a ring. The item is presented to them by their parents or an adult guardian.

Other Purity Ceremonies

Purity ceremonies do not need to be formal. They can take place between just a parent and a child at home, at a restaurant, at a park or wherever. Sometimes purity ceremonies take place just between a boyfriend and a girlfriend; promising one another that they will be pure until marriage. Other times purity ceremonies will take place with a few witnesses present and a certificate is signed and presented after or during the ceremony. Purity ceremonies are simply for anyone who wants to stay pure.