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North Oconee, Clarke Central, Athens Academy football

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“When things get tough, you get tougher.”

It’s North Oconee coach Will Peters’ edict.

“He says it all the time and it’s kind of his thing,” said Titan senior Brady Burruss. “He’s a character, and he’s very intense.”

As North Oconee’s defensive coordinator and strength coach, Peters’ phrase echoes off the walls of the weight room and across the practice field.

Imitating his saying on Monday at the annual Clarke/Oconee Football Media day beget a chuckle from fellow Titans Khalil Barnes and Davin Busby. Burress admitted, however, that the phrase resonates among teammates.

“I think it sticks with you, especially in the weight room,” Burruss said. “Sometimes you have to push yourself more mentally than physically. You’re trying to get the right mindset when you’re attacking a lift. You’re not just trying to get through it, you’re trying to get better through it, and he’s just reminding us of that.”