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New Google Maps update will benefit tourists, cyclists,

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Just in time for summer, Google Maps is getting a new update that will bring aerial views of the world’s most popular destinations, improved biking directions with enhanced details about routes, and a safer way to stay connected with friends and family.

Aerial View

Google Maps will now have close to 100 aerial views of popular landmark destinations. That means you’ll be able to check out Tokyo Tower ahead of your trip to Japan or even Lady Liberty before going to New York. While this looks good, Google has plans to make it even better with “immersion view,” but still has some work to do before it can reach that goal. If you want to check out the new aerial view, be sure to head to the photo section to see the detailed landmark.

Aerial view, enhanced bike routing, and location sharing notifications.

Biking directions

In addition to popular landmarks, biking directions are getting upgraded, with Google Maps set to introduce more details like elevation, car traffic, stairs, and whether you’ll be biking on an incline or decline. The new update will also show you whether you will bike on a main or local road. Google has curated this data using AI, city data, trusted partners, and feedback from Google Maps users. This seems like perfect timing considering rising gas prices have forced some to commute using bikes. But be sure to check the air quality before heading out.

Share with people who care

The final update coming to Google Maps is notification settings for friends and family. By sharing your location, friends and family will now be able to see when you’ve arrived and when you’ve left a location. This feature will only be available to those who have shared a location with a specific user. The invited user will then be able to set check-in and check-out points. Users can choose to stop sharing their location whenever they choose. This is to ensure that privacy is still maintained.

Aerial views and landmarks and location-sharing notifications are rolling out globally to Google Maps on iOS, Android, and PC. If your city currently has cycling directions, the improved cycling route update should roll out in the coming weeks.

Source: Google