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New gaming app by Wimbledon lets you play for IRL prizes.

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Wimbledon is serving up more than just the world-renowned annual Championships this year. BreakPoint is a new app by Wimbledon you won’t easily be able to put down—and it comes complete with the chance to win real-world prizes.

Win big on and off the court

During The Championships, Wimbledon, which run from the 27th of June through the 10th of July 2022, you’ll have a chance to compete in BreakPoint to win loot including sports goodie bags with swag from the Wimbledon Online Shop. 

But the grand prize is the crown jewel: The first- and second-place winners will get a pair of tickets to either the Gentleman’s or Ladies’-final at the 2023 Championships at Wimbledon. 

To start climbing the leaderboard, simply register and login at MyWimbledon. Save your score to keep coming back again and again.

Credit: Wimbledon

Gameplay: How it works

Any ’80s or ‘90s kid will recognize the brick-breaker gaming format—but this version comes with a tennis-focused twist. Each “court” (or game level) contains a different array of bricks to smash through with your skilled serves and flawless forehands. Simply tap to serve, and then use your finger or cursor to move your racket along the base of the screen and volley the ball back and forth. The goal is to break all the bricks on your opponent’s side of the court.

As gameplay advances, things get a little more challenging, with new types of bricks, “surprise” items on the court, and more challenging conditions like wind, sun glare, or rain. Show off your skills with combo shots, where you break two bricks with one shot (+100 points), or earn double points when you finish a round without losing a life. 

The app experience is captivating and intuitive, with cute animations and fun tennis facts sprinkled throughout. Missed your stroke? Still perfecting your topspin? Don’t worry, you’ve got three built-in lives before it’s game, set, and match—and opportunities to earn more lives as you play. 

It’s all for the love of the game. Download today to begin making your way up the leaderboard. BreakPoint is available for iOS and Android, as well as online