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Moment stunned tourists ‘watch Top Gun pilots chase a UFO’ a

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THIS is the moment stunned tourists spotted two fighter pilots chasing what appeared to be a UFO at high speed over a national park.

Alex McCall was out with his daughter and grandchildren in Acadia National Park in Maine when the military jets suddenly blasted across the skies.


Alex McCall’s daughter filmed the moment the jets roared over Acadia National Park in MaineCredit: Alex McCall/Triangle News
Former pilot Alex said he was sure the Tic Tac-shaped UFO couldn't have been another plane


Former pilot Alex said he was sure the Tic Tac-shaped UFO couldn’t have been another planeCredit: Alex McCall/Triangle News

When they looked up, they saw the two aircraft tailing what appeared to be a white UFO.

His daughter managed to capture the moment the three aircraft roared over the park before they vanished into the clouds.

After watching the video back, former pilot Alex said he was sure the Tic Tac-shaped UFO couldn’t have been another plane.

Alex, who has 25 years of flying experience, said: “My daughter took the video. It’s legit, we don’t know what it is.

“There are people saying it’s CGI that are obviously clueless. She stopped filming when she couldn’t see them anymore. It was taken with an iPhone.

“We were on vacation in Maine. There were dozens if not hundreds of people around.

“My kids and grandkids saw it and then heard it.

“My daughter got her phone out and pointed in the right direction but couldn’t tell if she was getting video of it.

“She stopped when she couldn’t see them any longer.”

Alex said they weren’t the only people to witness the bizarre duel in the sky.

He said: “One person said his mum got a good video of it.

“It all happened so fast… everyone thought the white thing was another airplane until I looked at the video.”

It’s not the first time Alex claimed to have encountered a UFO.

“I saw a UFO in 1996 and know what I saw. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it,” he said.

“The reason I know there is something to some of the sightings is because I saw exactly the same thing.

“Up close and personal. I don’t have a clue what those jets in my video are with but I do know it’s not another fighter jet.

“I also know it wasn’t faked. For what it’s worth, I was an airline pilot for 25 years.”

It comes after an aerospace engineer claimed the the Pentagon’s videos believed to show UFOs filmed by navy pilots are being put out to get the public ready for a fake alien invasion.

Mike Bara, who says he has worked on many classified military projects, said he analysed the videos and found there was “nothing exceptional” about any of them.

The TV personality believes they all show easily explainable phenomena – such as drones and in a wild theory believes they could have been leaked to prepare people for a fake alien invasion.

Congress recently made one of its biggest moves yet to probe UFOs as lawmakers voted to create a secure database for reporting the mysterious encounters.

US officials will now set up a unified system for logging sightings as well as offering protection for any government whistleblowers who may wish to come forward about what they know about UFOs.

Lawmakers have been pushing for more transparency on the typically fringe topic which has now become the talk of Washington DC.

While it was once the realm of conspiracy theorists, now former servicemen, politicians, defence officials, and even former presidents are talking about UFOs.