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Meet the Mid: Sophomore Long Snapper Byron Rhodes

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Name: Byron Rhodes
Year: Sophomore
Position: Long Snapper
Height: 5-11
Weight: 185
Hometown: Keller, Texas
High School: Keller 
Major: Foreign Area Studies (Minor in Russian)
What do you want to do after graduation and why?  I want to earn the title of naval aviator and fly either jet aircraft or P-8 Poseidons.
Why did you choose Navy?   With my family heavily involved in the Navy, I was exposed to the lifestyle and its importance at an early age. From there, I found it to be a rewarding career and one that would suit me well. As for attending the Academy specifically, I would say that it’s not at every University that one can say they know leaders around the world.

What would you tell somebody that is considering coming to Navy to play football? The times are tough, but tough times create the strongest of individuals. You will see who you truly are and what you can accomplish alongside some of the greatest peers you will ever meet.

If you could play another position, what position would you play and why? Punter, because I would understand both sides of the interaction between snapper and punter.

If you could choose any opponent for Navy to play that is currently not on the schedule, who would you choose and why? Texas A&M, because we could play the college where most of my home town friends went.


Favorite class at the Naval Academy and why? Introduction to Leadership, because it teaches the importance of understanding those you lead and how to use that knowledge to better lead them and enable a successful unit towards a shared goal and mission.

Hardest class at the Naval Academy and why? Electrical Engineering, because electricity is not at all what it seems.

Favorite teacher at the Naval Academy and why? LT Mahar, because he spends the time in class to share his realistic and relative experience to his students and advice for when they go on to lead in the fleet.


Favorite form of social media and why? YouTube, because I can access an unlimited amount of informational videos on any topic I desire to learn more about.

Favorite person to follow on social media and why? Jordan Peterson, because as a philosopher, he has brought to mind many intrapersonal topics that I can identify and resolve. This brings me peace of mind and focus as to what I need to accomplish to stay on track while maintaining good mental health during my time at the Academy.


If you could have dinner with any 4 people at the Naval Academy who would you choose and why?:

–        Vice Admiral Sean Buck, USN (Superintendent)

–        Colonel James MacDonough, USMC (Commandant)

–        Dr. Andrew Phillips (Provost)

–        MIDN Captain Prigmore, USN (Brigade Commander)

I chose these individuals because they have the greatest impact on the Academy. If I could sit down with them, I would share a few experiences and stories with them about issues that should be resolved on the Yard.

Favorite sport to follow at the Naval Academy outside of football and why?  I like to watch and keep informed about the Ultimate Frisbee team. My roommate is on the team and the sport is one I did not know much about before coming to the Academy.


If you didn’t play football at Navy, what sport would you play and why? The service rifle and pistol team. I have always enjoyed shooting guns back home in Texas and enjoyed the feeling of responsibility with a firearm in my hands.

What song is playing on your headphones in the locker room right before taking the field? Living in the Shadows by Matthew Perryman Jones

What is your dream vacation?  Backpacking the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail.

How many teams should make the FBS Playoffs? The more the merrier.

What is the best thing about being in the American Athletic Conference? The competitive atmosphere.


Favorite Coach Niumatalolo quote: “Choose the right.”


One word to describe a Navy Football player: Gritty

Who will be the surprise player on offense in 2022 and why? Anton Hall, because he has displayed great improvement during the off-season and will be a key player in our season to come.


Who will be the surprise player on defense in 2022 and why? Eavan Gibbons, because in addition to getting stronger, he consistently improves his communication skills on the field.

Who is the toughest player on the Navy football team and why? Jacob Busic, because he never quits.


 What player epitomizes Navy Football and why? Kip Frankland, because regardless of what is thrown his way, he will always get back up and bring his brothers with him to the fight.


Who will be the Most Valuable Player on offense in 2022 and why? Maquel Haywood, because his speed, agility and sense of field position is uncanny. 


Who will be the Most Valuable Player on defense in 2022 and why? John Marshall, because his leadership ability and physicality is a core aspect of the defensive side of the ball.


What are you most looking forward to in 2022? I’m looking forward to the energy of our team to step onto the field with our brothers side by side, ready to execute the mission set before us — to win football games.