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Listening to the Call of Adventure

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Do you read short adventure stories and adventure articles and feel a rush of adrenaline? Do these stories make you hold your breath in anticipation and make you wonder what it is like being on the road or scaling a grand mountain like Mount Everest? Many individuals who long for adventure never set on their grand adventure because they are tied down by their responsibilities, jobs and personal commitments. Here are top five reasons why you should seek an adventure:

1)Change of scenery

One’s daily routine can become unbearable if you don’t add some spice to it regularly. Living your own adventures in tropical and foreign places can’t compare to all the adventure articles you have read in your free time. The change of scenery will refresh and revitalize you so that you get back to your daily routine with a new sense of accomplishment and energy.

2)To appreciate the simple things in life

Technology has advanced so tremendously and has become an integral part of our lives. We are so occupied in it that most of the time we forget to appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life like stopping to smell beautiful flowers. Going on an adventure will be an eye-opener for you about the simple things in life.

3)To learn how to survive with basic necessities

An adventure is not a luxurious holiday where you will have all your regular comforts. Most adventure take place in remote area where you can’t have gourmet meals but have to make do with simple meals and difficult living environments.Though it is more fun and excitement when you have short or limited meal and you have to survive on limited meal.

4)The more the merrier

An adventure spent with family and friends is more fun than going alone. In addition you will get to spend quality time with your friends and family members. If you have children, hiking is the best way to get them to start sharing their personal lives with you. Tell them short adventure stories during these hikes.

5)To accomplish a challenge

Very few people have the guts to set out on their adventure because they don’t want to plan or spend any money on it. Such individuals don’t realize that they are missing out on great fun and thrill of going somewhere new. Stop reading adventure articles and start living the life you crave!