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Keep forgetting to record your best moments? Try a game

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Picture the scene. You’re playing League of Legends, carrying your whole team from your position in the bot lane. An opportunity to strike comes in, and you take it. You dive under the enemy turret, unleash all your skills, and score yourself a double kill. Life is good.

But then, just as your sweet moves lead to your team taking the enemy Nexus, you realise you weren’t recording. Disaster! You can tweet about your incredible play all you want, but people will never believe you unless you can provide video proof. Who can blame you for not turning a recorder on – how were you to know that this would be the greatest game of your life?

Luckily, there’s a solution. Outplayed, an app available through Overwolf, handles all the recording for you, and it can be set up to just record your best moments. You won’t have to worry about pressing a button to activate your recording, or having to sift through hours of footage to pull out a few seconds worth of highlights – Outplayed does all the work for you.

There’s more to it than just recording highlights, however. Outplayed also comes with a simple-to-use video editor so you can compile your clips into one big highlight reel, and then easily share it with friends and enemies on Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and more. And it works with hundreds of games, so don’t think you’ll need to become the king of LoL to see any mileage out of it.

In the spotlight

So how does Outplayed work? It’s really simple. You install the app via Overwolf – which is home to a great many apps that you might find useful across your library of games – and choose your recording settings. One of the main features is the app’s ability to only capture your best moments, but if you want more control, you can have Outplayed record an entire gaming session, an entire match, or you can take complete control and operate it manually.

Once you’ve picked your capturing preference, just load up your chosen game and you’re away. Unless you’re manually recording, you don’t need to worry about hotkeys or opening menus. Just play, have fun, and then check the recordings afterward. It couldn’t be easier.

You have plenty of control over your recordings as well, including how long you want highlights to be, and the quality you’re capturing at. Don’t think you need to clog your hard drive with endless hours of 4K footage of you twiddling around in menus – mess around with Outplayed’s settings for just a few minutes and you’ll get your optimal setup in no time.

You can even use Outplayed as a screen recorder on games that it doesn’t natively support, or if you simply want to record something outside of a game. The screen recorder doesn’t have the same capabilities and must be used manually – Outplayed can’t tell what the highlights of you writing into a Google Doc are, after all – but it’s a super useful feature to have available.

Sharing your success

When you’ve got all your clips shot, you can choose the footage you want to share with the world and cut it together in the video editor. Here you can trim your clips down and smash them together to make the ultimate highlight reels. You can even leave bookmarks on the editor timeline, allowing you to easily remember where your biggest fights were if you have a lot of footage to sort through.

Once you’re happy with how it all looks, you’re just a few button clicks away from sharing it with the world. Want to send it straight to your most frequented Discord channel? Go for it. Prefer to share it with the world at large on YouTube? You do you. You can post to a bunch of different channels through Outplayed, saving you time on exporting and uploading your magnificent creation.

And it works with far more games than you might imagine. Sure, the usual suspects are in there – League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, and all the other big games you’d expect to be supported are on the list. But there are some titles you might not expect as well. You can show off your slick moves in Need for Speed: Underground 2 with Outplayed, or depress everyone you know with clips from excellent but brutal narrative game Papers, Please. The choice is yours, and the choice is plentiful.

That’s just barely touching the surface of the games Outplayed works with natively, and you can still use it for any game you like through the screen recording function. So next time you’re planning on destroying your friends in Halo Infinite, or showing off some sick drifts in Forza Horizon 5, make sure you have Outplayed installed via the Overwolf client so you can capture all the action without the hassle. And be sure to check out Overwolf for even more great apps for all your favourite games.