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Joyburst, the Good for You Energy Drink Launches in the

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In celebration of the summer launch, the 90’s entertainment legend joins forces with No Sugar king Brad Woodgate to unveil their newest flavor and hottest song of the summer

LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — No Sugar king, Brad Woodgate, the CEO and founder of the highly successful No Sugar Company is back at it again with a reimagined, natural energy, naturally caffeinated, plant-based energy drink company called Joyburst. They announced today their launch into the U.S. market with a new flavor created with music icon, Vanilla Ice.  With all-natural and easy-to-read, straightforward ingredients, these drinks have no sugar, zero calories and are also keto verified and Gluten-free. The newest addition to the bright and bold flavor combination portfolio will be a Vanilla Ice flavor that will join Elderberry, Frosé, Grape, Lime, and Peach on the shelves of select Walmart and Costco locations.

Accentuating the vibes of summer, Joyburst CEO Brad Woodgate has teamed up with American rapper, Vanilla Ice to create the song of the summer, ‘Joyburst’, a nostalgic nod to the 90’s with funky beats and sing-along lyrics. The song will be accompanied by a fun and playful video starring the duo. ‘Joyburst” summer song is available on all music platforms including, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

“From the summer-inspired flavors to the vibrant can designs, we wanted to create something that was new and innovative yet still familiar”. Says pop icon, Vanilla Ice.” As headliner of the I Love the 90’s Tour, I am excited for concert goers to hear the new Joyburst single and be able to sip the new Vanilla Ice flavor at the same time!”. Joyburst will also release its alcoholic version Vanilla Ice Party Seltzer in select states across America.

Fresh off the heels of their successful LVI Super Bowl spot created by Consolidate Content, the ‘better for you’ and “natural energy, it’s a thing” line of energy drinks will have U.S. consumers dancing through the aisles to purchase case after case beginning June 24th. No matter what Americans have planned for the summer, Joyburst is encouraging everyone to dip their toes into the water, turn up the music and get out there to unleash their inner cool this summer.

“For over a decade, we have been working on creating the perfect recipe – naturally derived green tea caffeine, infused with amazing flavors and refreshing carbonation, without using sugar,” said No Sugar Co and Joyburst CEO, Brad Woodgate. “After finalizing our recipe, we launched our starting five flavors that are both delicious and energizing and we are enthusiastic to bring our newest Vanilla Ice flavor and this new wave of energy to America!”

Joyburst is created in Toronto, Canada and is a sister company of No Sugar Company, a brand dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle. The signature energy drinks offer natural flavor options of Elderberry, Frosé, Grape, Lime, and Peach Mango and now, Vanilla Ice. Available in 355 mL 12-pack cans (MSRP: $24.99) to purchase on, Walmart and Costco.

About No Sugar Company

No Sugar Company was launched in 2018 with the goal of helping people live a healthier lifestyle. After countless attempts to create the perfect no sugar snack, it landed on the taste and texture enjoyed today with a wide range of products, including No Sugar Keto bars and Keto Bombs, Keto Ice Cream Barz, etc. The latest product offering, Joyburst, has the company expanding into the beverage market with a line of natural energy drinks. No Sugar Company has quickly become one of the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods companies in North America and its products are now available in over 50 countries including Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China. Learn more at:

About Brad Woodgate

Brad Woodgate is a self-made Canadian serial entrepreneur who, over the last 22 years, has turned an initial thirty-thousand-dollar investment into over a billion dollars in sales. Having launched several successful companies in the health and wellness space, he has managed over 500 employees, launched over 700 products, and distributed to more than 75 countries. Over the years, Brad also helped many people and celebrities reach their wellness goals. In 2015, based on his own health concerns, Brad took a very strong interest in the effects of refined sugar on our health. This led to the establishment of the No Sugar Company in 2018, which has quickly disrupted the global food industry and is now one of the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods companies in North America. He is also the author of No Sugar In Me, a book about changing your lifestyle by eliminating refined sugars.

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