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IVE, K-Pop’s Super Rookies, on New Music, Confidence, and

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“I think our confidence is the strength of our group,” Yujin says. “These days, there are lots of awesome groups that have debuted right after us, and we’re really happy in enjoying it because they motivate us to make more, greater performances.” She adds that having already received labels such as “global super rookie group” is an honor for the six-piece act. “We love to hear that,” she proclaims with a smile. Wonyoung adds, “We are really going to try hard so that no one can deny that label for us.”

Those efforts are currently being reflected in extremely busy schedules — much like the whirlwind that was KPOP.FLEX. “We are living together and Leeseo and I actually go to school [still] so we are students,” Wonyoung shares in English. “So before the schedules, if we can, we go to school and then go back to our schedules. We’re pretty much having a busy life these days.”

Of course, much of those schedules are top secret, but the girls do tease IVE is working on something bigger — and, of course, better — to give to fans soon. So far, the girls have put out two single albums, Eleven and Love Dive, spanning the title tracks that lend the projects their names plus B-side tracks “Take It” and “Royal, respectively. Though already keen to notch yet another success, Wonyoung says their upcoming project is still in its “first steps” so it’s hard to be specific about a concept. “But I can tell you that it’s not that different [from] that we have until now. It’s IVE’s style,” she shares.

2022 is shaping up to be a busy year for IVE — “We are planning lots of promotions as IVE so stay tuned,” Yujin says — but the sextet is already looking forward to the future, too. The members share that they would like to become “world-renowned” artists and show a much “more mature and improved” side to them. They also want to try their hand at more songwriting and music production, if given the chance by their company, and agree that any opportunity they get to meet DIVEs, they’ll take. World tours are high on the priority list for all six, and Rei is especially keen on performing in Japan, her home country.

The uncertainty of the future can make or break a rookie group, but IVE’s talent and style seem to be flying high while the members keep their feet on the ground. They know what they have, and they are ready to show it.


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