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Is it ageist that we have to learn new skills?

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DEAR HARRIETTE: The company that I work for has just implemented new computer applications that are advanced and difficult to figure out.

The young people at my job grew up using these applications, so they are not having a hard time with these changes at all. The older people, such as myself, are struggling.

It would take me months to get used to all of the different technologies they are now requiring us to use.

None of these things was on my job description. Could this be a form of ageism within the company?

Age Discrimination

DEAR AGE DISCRIMINATION: Using new technology does not equal ageism. Failing to support employees who need help getting up to speed could be.

Rather than accusing your company of anything, ask for assistance. Be proactive. Explain that you are having difficulty learning the new applications and need support. Ask for tutorials or live help from the IT department.