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International business set to come to Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) -South Georgia continues to grow with an international company making Thomasville its headquarters.

Ecrimesa is a family-owned business from Spain that has been selling metal parts since 1954. Shelley Zorn, a Thomasville economic developer, said the business will benefit the area with new job openings.

Ecrimisa, an International business from Spain, will bring 30 jobs to Thomasville.(WALB)

“Ecrimesa will start with a $6 million investment in the equipment. they’re leasing an existing building and they’re going to start with 30 jobs but they hope to go far beyond that as they gain U.S. customers,” She said.

And this isn’t the first international business that has come to Thomasville. The new metal business will make it Thomasville’s third international business.

Zorn said with each new business comes more growth.

“We’ve recruited almost 1,500 jobs in the last five years. Everything from Checkmate, which is a new recruit here, to Ashley’s furniture which was here but is expanding their footprint and building in Red Hills Business Park. We’ve seen new businesses pop up all over town,” She said. “We’ve seen about a 4% increase just in the last year.”

Regional shoppers and tourists have become the growth fuel.

Amber and Justin Collins are from Orlando, Florida, and traveled to Thomasville for a day. They said Thomasville has more mom-and-pop shops for them to choose from.

“We’re expecting a baby in September, so we were drawn to all the cute little custom toy shops and all the sweet little baby clothes we’ve seen,” Amber said.

Justin added that the local businesses give Thomasville a more community feel.

“It’s great having a lot of more like independent shops and independently owned organizations,” he said.

Business owners are also thriving off of the booming economic growth.

Scott Gowen, owner of The Sporting Gallery, said it’s important to keep bringing in new businesses.

“There’s a lot of folks downtown. The parking lot is full and it’s extremely busy. To continue to bring outside companies into Thomasville is good for the community of Thomasville and South Georgia as a whole,” he said.

Zorn added that the economy in Thomasville will only continue to grow, especially with how close Thomasville is to Florida.

“If you look at Thomasville, our surrounding counties, which are a little smaller than us, and Tallahassee, you’ve got a workforce of about half a million people and a 30-minute drive. But I think the thing that sets us apart is our quality of life,” Zorn said.

The new international business Ecrimesa is set to open by next spring.

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