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Goverment Business Grants for Small Businesses

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Funding a small business’s start up can be difficult to do. However, if you know what government business grants are available then you will at least have the opportunity to explore new avenues for generating the initial capital needed to start your own company. To qualify for government business grants you will first need to know what programs are available to the general public.

Your first option for finding government business grants is to inquire about grant opportunities with specific governmental agencies. Each federal, state, and local agency or department will have their own government grant program. To improve your chances of qualifying for an agency specific grant program you will want to talk to agencies that have some connection to the type of business that you want to start. For example if you want to start a conservation organization for local wetlands then you may want to talk with your local branch of the Fish and Wildlife Department or the U.S. Department of Land Management.

Your second option for finding government business grants is to look for generic federal grants that are designed to help small businesses. These grants can be used for start up, for business expansion, or to help cover the losses incurred by allowing a valued team member to serve their tour of duty in the military. To qualify for these grants you generally need to complete an application and submit the requested documentation to the designated government agency.

The third option for finding government business grants is to look for special government funding options. For example there are many government loan programs that are targeted at small businesses. Some of these loans are designed to help minorities and women start small businesses or expand their businesses, while others are designed to increase job availability in areas where there is a high unemployment rate.