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Google promotes its apps on Amazon page without using the

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Here’s something interesting. Google is promoting a page in the Amazon Store called “Devices with Google.” Now you might ask yourself what is the difference between “Devices with Google” and “Made by Google.” Apparently, plenty. The former promotes various Android handsets made by different manufacturers while the latter sticks with Android phones made by Google.

For example, 9to5Google posted an example showing that the Devices with Google page on the Amazon Store includes phones made by OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola, and Pixel. Instead of calling certain system apps¬† “Android” apps, the Amazon Store page calls these apps by a different name as you can see from this highlight: “Work, play, and connect right out of the box. Get your favorite Google apps when you shop your favorite phones.”
A photo on the top of the page shows the Google Duo video chatting app optimized for a foldable device, the YouTube app, and the Live View version of Google Maps. Live View uses AI to help you navigate as you walk from point “A” to point “B.” With Live View, the phone on your camera puts up a real image view of the world in front of you while the AI creates an overlay with arrows telling you which way to go while also pointing out information about some of the buildings and landmarks you are walking past.

Each of the four manufacturers Google focuses on includes a little comment. For example, about OnePlus Google writes: “OnePlus: The best of Google security meets extra fast processing power.” For Samsung, the comment says, “Samsung: The best of Google personalization meets striking design.”

So what does Google say about Motorola? Speaking about the tendency for Motorola to deliver close to stock Android, Google states that “Motorola: The best of Google simplicity meets uninterrupted performance.” And for Pixel, Google gets it right by saying, “Pixel: The helpful Pixel phones by Google.” Of course, think of the little things that Pixels can do such as Magic Eraser to eliminate unwanted items on a photo.

Or there is the At a Glance widget reminding you to turn off the flashlight, disable the alarm with a holiday (and the opportunity to sleep late) coming the next day, and helping Android users to get the first crack at installing software updates. These are certainly useful features available on Pixel handsets.

To reiterate, the Android name is barely listed anywhere on the Amazon page. It shows up on some of the phone descriptions with some of the devicex described as “an Android phone.” Is Google considering an Android-free future?¬† This past December, a pair of insiders said that in a few years, Google will replace Android with the Fuchsia OS that it has long been working on. Even if this is so, it is way too early for Google to start conditioning the public about this.