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any deletions of, or changes or additions to, the events of default or covenants;

if other than U.S. dollars, the currency, currencies or composite currencies, in which payments on the debt securities will be payable and whether the holder may elect payment to be made in a different currency;

the method of determining the amount of any payments on the debt securities which are linked to an index;

whether the debt securities will be issued in fully registered form without coupons or in bearer form, with or without coupons, or any combination of these, and whether they will be issued in the form of one or more global securities in temporary or definitive form;

any terms relating to the delivery of the debt securities if they are to be issued upon the exercise of warrants;

whether and on what terms we will pay additional amounts to holders of the debt securities that are not U.S. persons for any tax, assessment or governmental charge withheld or deducted and, if so, whether and on what terms we will have the option to redeem the debt securities rather than pay the additional amounts; and

any other specific terms of the debt securities. (Sections 202 and 301)

Unless we otherwise specify in the prospectus supplement:

the debt securities will be registered debt securities;

registered debt securities denominated in U.S. dollars will be issued in denominations of $1,000 or an integral multiple of $1,000; and

bearer debt securities denominated in U.S. dollars will be issued in denominations of $5,000.

Debt securities may bear legends required by U.S. Federal tax law and regulations. (Section 401)

If any of the debt securities are sold for any foreign currency or currency unit, or if any payments on the debt securities are payable in any foreign currency or currency unit, the prospectus supplement will contain any restrictions, elections, tax consequences, specific terms and other information relating to the debt securities and the foreign currency or currency unit.

Some of the debt securities may be issued as original issue discount debt securities. Original issue discount securities bear no interest or bear interest at below-market rates. These are sold at a discount below their stated principal amount. If we issue these securities, the prospectus supplement will describe any special tax, accounting or other information which we think is important. We encourage you to consult with your own competent tax and financial advisors on these important matters.

IBM may in the future, without the consent of the holders, increase the outstanding principal amount of any series of debt securities on the same terms and conditions and with the same CUSIP numbers as debt securities of that series previously issued. Any such additional debt securities will vote together with all other debt securities of the same series for purposes of amendments, waivers and all other matters with respect to such series.

Exchange, Registration and Transfer

Debt securities may be transferred or exchanged at the corporate trust office of the security registrar or at any other office or agency which is maintained for these purposes. No service charge will be payable upon the transfer or exchange, except for any applicable tax or governmental charge.

The designated security registrar in the United States for the senior debt securities is The Bank of New York Mellon, located at 240 Greenwich Street, Floor 7 West, New York, New York 10286. The security registrar for the subordinated debt securities will be designated in a prospectus supplement.

If debt securities are issuable in both registered and bearer form, the bearer securities will be exchangeable for registered securities. If a bearer security with related coupons is surrendered in exchange for a registered