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Cops Called to Metro Court, Spinelli Warns Britt

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Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, August 1 to Friday, August 5, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Liz has more memories, Dante’s future is in question, and Maxie is questioned.

Monday, August 1

Trina is called to the stand as Ava and Esme’s showdown escalates and Nikolas approaches Spencer.

As Finn checks on Liz about her first day back at work, something unexpected happens.

Willow asks what TJ is worried is wrong with her as she awaits her tests results.

Sam approaches Michael as he makes a mysterious call.

When Felicia notices Mac being checked out at the pool, she takes matters into her own hands.

TJ checks on willow GH

Tuesday, August 2

Willow talks with Terry and Britt about what’s next.

Curtis takes action to get new information.

With Trina’s freedom on the line at her trial, Diane makes her best move as friends and family look on.

Liz remembers something new.

Nikolas races to Wyndemere.

nikolas shocked from kiss Gh

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Wednesday, August 3

Nina crosses with a keyed-up Sasha at the Metro Court Gardens.

Joss brings Cam up to speed on Trina’s trial.

Brando seeks Sonny’s guidance.

Jordan questions a person in custody.

joss cam bicker GH

Thursday, August 4

Sonny tells Dex he has a job for him.

Dante talks to Jordan about his future at the PCPD.

Carly asks Joss what’s bothering her.

An altercation at the Metro Court draws the police.

yummy dex gh general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Friday, August 5

Maxie, Brook Lynn and Lucy meet about the recent news.

Gregory meets with Alexis, eager to see who came out on top in their wager.

Dante finds Chase at the pool.

Sam asks Spinelli for his help on a case.

Cody approaches Britt, who is not happy to see him.


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