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Celestial reception decor ideas for a ceremony inspired by

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For all the stargazers out there, we have a perfect magical theme for your big reception day! Celestial décor that is inspired by the elements of astronomy, stars, and the sky has gathered all the limelight in the wedding area and is much loved by the couple that is envisioning super starry romantic vibes at their reception ceremony. Horoscopes have been a major part of wedding matches and compatibility, so why not reach out to the cosmos for aesthetic décor inspiration? Right from sultry blue tints to kaleidoscopic accents, these dazzling wedding ideas are just perfect for any star-obsessed duo.

A backdrop that looks out of this world

A galaxy-inspired backdrop that depicts positive and dreamy vibes will wow your guests. Not only does it makes way for super stunning pictures but its offbeat yet beautiful appearance will stun your eyes. You can add some pastel flowers on gold-tinted elements and candles for a super dreamy touch.

A moony land

Bear a romantic celestial saying in a moon-shaped element and place it nearby the area where you are going to be seated. Sayings like “to the moon and back” or “love you to the moon” look cheesy but comes to be a breath-taking installation on a subtle white moon. Make whimsical planetary statements and vibes with tints like golden and blue.  

Dinner under the galaxy ceiling

A celestial touch is incomplete without stars, lamps, fairy lights and moons on the ceiling. Switch your boring dining with lit-up uber romantic and dreamy hanging elements. You can also opt for sit-down dinner, fairy lights, cabana touch diner for a more dreamy effect.

Dinner under the galaxy ceiling

Star-crossed guest book

If you want to bring stars and galaxy touch in the most unusual way to your reception décor then ditch the traditional guest book and go for a painted constellation sign to assign and mish-mash seats of the guests. Add up a line before the chart starts to ensure that you are your guests stay on the same page.

Litter your tables and celestial dinners and plates accompanied with mirrors, stars and pendants can also be opted for a whimsical reception touch. 

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