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6 Steps to Free Goverment Money

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goverment money

I’ve got it! I’ve finally figured out how
we can put our hands on some free government money.
Stop working so hard.
Stop thinking so hard.
Stop trying to figure out how to make a million
dollars this year.
We can get free government money.
What needs to be done is this…
It’s actually very simple.
I’d like you to have a fantastic meal for
dinner this evening . Remember we’re on the verge
of receiving free government money. This is
great. I couldn’t believe the answer was right
out there, right in front of my face.
Now get ready for bed tonight; for tomorrow we
claim what’s ours. Sleep soundly my friend, and
dream like you’ve never dreamed before. Fortune
favors the bold.

The alarm clock sounds are you ready for your
instructions. They are as follows:

– Put on a nice jacket, or sports coat. You want

to look professional when you claim your free

g-money, don’t you?

– Kiss you’re significant other goodbye. Their life is about to change as well.

– Pick your mode of transportation.

– You’re first stop is the local bank. Now is when you have to be bold. Declare what is yours, brother!

– Enter the bank, and look for an open bank teller… O.K. you’ve spotted one, now walk over casually, and….

Below is the 6th and most important step in
claiming your Free Government Money!!!

– say these very words, “this is a stick-up, put your hands in the air, and nobody gets hurt…”

Now, after you’ve been fingerprinted, and stood
trial for bank robbery, you are certainly on your
way to enjoying 10 to 20 years of free government

Stop with the get rich quick schemes!! The only
person those scams are making rich are the other
guy. We can make some concrete changes in your
life, and finally moves towards a life where
money is flowing, and you’re healthy, and it may
seem to others that people are freely giving you
money, but you’ll have the deep satisfaction of
knowing you earned it using your God-given
skills. Until then…