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10 Accessories To Wear That Instantly Make You Look 5 Years

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Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can also add years to your age.

But if you pick the right extras, you can actually turn back the clock and make yourself look five years younger.

Here are some essential fashion tips that you should apply to your wardrobe.

Here are 10 accessories to wear that will instantly make you look 10 years younger:

1. Instead of matchy-matchy jewelry, wear one statement piece.

Matchy-matchy jewelry screams old lady. In fact, any jewelry that comes from a set — like a pendant, bracelet, and earrings all sold together — should NEVER be worn all at once. It totally dates you.

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You should have one of your jewelry items be the focal point, like killer statement earrings, and then base your other pieces around it. And contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly fine to wear silver and gold together.

2. Instead of chunky shoes, wear pumps with pointy toes.

It looks frumpy and adds heaviness to your body. Gravitate towards something with a more feminine touch. Wedges and pumps with a pointy toe can help elongate your body and slim your legs.